Teaching / Coaching / Workshops

Debra has been teaching and coaching voiceovers for over fifteen years. Her love and passion for the craft, along with her continued success as one of the top voiceover artists in the business, makes her a uniquely qualified coach.

Debra's energetic style of teaching inspires students while giving them the freedom to learn and explore in a safe and friendly environment as they hone their craft.

Casting Directors, Talent Agents, and Universities frequently invite Debra to share her experience and expertise, and pass along the tools of her craft.

Private Coaching

Debra is the perfect coach for the curious beginner, as well as the seasoned professional looking to bolster their confidence and up their game.

Debra's exceptional and experienced ear enables her to pinpoint and reinforce students’ unique strengths while discovering and eliminating their weaknesses. The results produce students who are energized and confident in their work.

Debra coaches from her professional home recording studio; she will also travel with her portable studio for an additional fee.

Classes and Workshops

Debra customizes all of her voiceover workshops to the specific needs of the group. Participant’s age, level of training, long and short term goals, allotted time, and group size are all taken into account to create a truly unique and exciting experience.

Workshops are creative and inspiring for all who attend. Debra creates a safe and fun environment in which participants learn about the art of voiceovers, engage in the recording process and receive encouragement and guidance along the way.

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